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Hendry County Education Application

The Hendry County Education Association is currently one of the fastest growing FEA Unions in rural, south Florida.  We just reached a 60.5% membership benchmark for the first time in our history.  The Association was thrilled to move to the Peace River Basin Service Unit in late 2017.  The Service Unit will work towards expanding our FEA membership in the small, rural districts we serve.

President: Kimberly Stitt

Vice President: Lori Whited

Treasurer: Jackie Futch

Secretary: Cathy Adams

Elementary Area Cabinet Member: Cathy Adams

Secondary Area Cabinet Member: Heidi Scannell

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Contact Info


Members in Need of Assistance should contact Kimberly Stitt, President of HCEA for further action. You can also email Kimberly Stitt directly at


HCEA Representatives by School Site


Labelle High School:   Dave Tippett and Ron Snell

LMS Open (covered by president, Kimberly Stitt)

UES:    Priscilla Cintron and Cathy Adams 

Country Oaks:    Hanna Clay. and Brenda Cali

Labelle Elementary:     Theresa Barber

Clewiston Middle School:     Ivette Porth & Ian Smith

Clewiston High School:       Jenard Similien

Central: Kelli Atkinson.  Monica Crawford

Eastside:       Dawn Branch

Westside:        Dayami Peña and Leslie Davis

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Text the 73915 to see all NEA benefits available to you

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