The DCEA received its PERC certification # 73 in June of 1975 as the DCTA and has successfully bargained contracts and represented teachers since that time. 39 years later, in 2014 a campaign was launched to form an ESP unit within the DCTA. PERC certification 1890 was issued in June of 2016. In July 2017, 42 years after the original PERC order, certification 73 and 1890 were amended and we became the DESOTO COUNTY EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION (DCEA). Our united Association continues to achieve improvements in the wages, hours and working conditions for educational employees through the legislative and collective bargaining process.


Jerry Mead - President

Tim Schomburg - Vice - President (Teachers)

Tarra Richardson - Vice - President (ESP)

Diana Tyson - Secretary

Andy Heine - Treasurer

Desoto Teachers Agreement. To view or download click on the link below.

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Members in Need of Assistance can contact  Jerry Mead President of DCEA for further action. You can also contact any DCEA officer for help.

Desoto ESP Contract. To view or download click on the link below.

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